Jeff Barry
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Happy birthday to one of the greatest songwriters of the century (both of 'em)!  To view your special greeting card, click on the jukebox above.
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Happy Birthday Jeff.  Here's to many, many more great years of creating hits.  Rock on.
Ron Dante
Happy birthday to the grooviest godfather there ever was, and one of the greatest songwriters and producers this nation has ever produced.
Stuffed Animal
Happy birthday, Jeff
from Donna Marie
Happy Birthday to you, my brother
Love forever,
Robin McNamara
Hey, sixty-six isn't too shabby, considering all you've accomplished and done over the years.  Celebrate well.
Happy Birthday to my mentor and dear friend
With Love,
Andy Kim

Hi Jeff,
Happy birthday from someone who loves you, and from one of your all time biggest fans.

Much love,
Artie Butler
Happy Birthday Jeff,
Thanks for all the great music over the years.
Happy birthday, Jeff!

You don't know me, but I've been rediscovering your music, which I've always enjoyed, yet again. So many great songs you were involved with that were hits - and many that weren't - I've been getting into The Raindrops' "Let's Go Together" (why wasn't that a monster hit?), your own great "I'll Still Love You" on Red Bird (an all-time favorite that deserved Top Ten sales) and "Billy Mitchell"'s "You Know I Do," which I just discovered.

Thanks for all the music, past, present and future! Enjoy your birthday - and many more happy and healthy ones!

Best regards,
Country Paul Payton

(proud to have played your music on the radio when it was new)

Dear Jeff,
Happy, happy birthday to a living legend -- one of the greatest composer/producers who ever was.  And many, many more!
Love always,

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