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Here's where you can post links to your message forums as well as to Yahoo, MSN, and Smart Groups and similar communities that have associated message boards. Boards can be on virtually any topic. Any boards with X-rated content or which promote violence, hate or prejudice are not permitted.

NOTE: FEEL FREE TO JOIN THIS GROUP WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAVE A BOARD TO POST - if you're just looking for a good message board to visit!
Just a few guidelines to keep in mind:

If your Yahoo, MSN or SmartGroup is invitation only, please provide the appropriate contact information for folks to requeset an invitation.

If your message forum is associated with a web site, please post the link to the forum only, not the site itself.

Please include a brief description of your group or forum.

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The Group Rules:
 1. Post Your Message Board is an advertising forum for members to post links to online communities, including groups on Yahoo, MSN and SmartGroups and similar venues with associated message boards.  Ours is a moderated forum, and any messages deemed inappropriate by the moderator will be deleted.
 2. Inappropriate messages include (but are not limited to): Links to boards that promote hate, prejudice or violence; links to boards with "adult" or pornographic content; links to commercial sites; any pyramid or moneymaking schemes; flaming, rude or insulting messages, or those which contain profanity.
 3. Post Your Message Board is not a discussion forum, which pretty much renders the last couple of points in #2 moot.  (If you have a question about a particular post, please address it only to the member who posted it - and keep it civil.)  Post Your Message Board is solely for the purpose of posting links to online communities, not lengthy missives about how you made a fortune from eBay or the stock market or how you saved a ton of money by switching to Geico. :)
 4. If your message board is affiliated with a web site, please post a link to the board only, not the site itself.  For folks wishing to advertise their sites, please check out Post Your Sites and Groups at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/PostYourSites/ (message boards can be posted here as well).
 5. Members may post more than one link in each message; however, it's suggested that any communities posted in a single message be related to each other in some way; i.e., "My sports communities," "My music communities," and so forth.  Folks reading the messages will be more likely to click on links that are organized into some type of categorization, so please try to avoid posting a message that reads something like "Here are all my communities" followed by a bunch of links.  Keep in mind what you yourself would like to see and which links you would most likely want to visit when reading messages posted by others, and go from there.  Remember that Post Your Message Board is an advertising forum and its whole point is to get people to visit your communities, so make your posts as organized and attractive as possible so that people will want to do so, and this includes the subject line for your post - the more specific, the better.
 6. Please post a brief description of the community with each link, especially if the community's topic is not apparent within its web address.
 7. As with all of my groups, message attachments have been disabled.  Please post your messages in plain text only - disabling attachments also disables html - and post the message directly, not as a forward from another email or group.
 8. Message receipt options are at the discretion of each member but due to the feast-or-famine nature of this group (no messages at all for days on end, then a whole bunch all at one time) and the fact that Post Your Message Board isn't a discussion forum and there isn't any replying to messages taking place, it's suggested that members who have group messages emailed to them consider doing so in Daily Digest form.  With Daily Digest, the member receives one email each day containing all (up to 25) of the posts from that day, rather than one individual email for each and every message (if there are more than 25 messages in one day, then members will receive more than one Digest).  This is entirely up to the individual; just a suggestion. :)
 9. Members who need to change their message options or email addresses should do so by visting the group's homepage at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/PostYourMessageBoard/ and clicking on "Edit Membership" in the upper left.  Any member who wishes to leave the group (although it's hoped that you'll stick around for the duration!) can do so via this same link.
10. Here are the group addresses for those who prefer using email:

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