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Ron Dante and The Archies Videos

Here are a few Ron Dante and The Archies videos for your viewing and listening pleasure - plus a link to a playlist featuring more of the same.
High-speed Internet connection is best for optimum viewing, but if you are using dial-up or if the videos are playing sluggishly, hit the "pause" button to allow the video to fully load before attempting to play.

(Above) Ron Dante performing "Sugar, Sugar"

(Above) The Archies - "Everything's Archie" (The Archie Show opener)

(Above) The Archies - "Love Vibrations" (from Archie's Funhouse)

(Above) Ron Dante performing "Let Me Bring You Up"

(Above) The Archies - "Circle of Blue" (from The Archie Show)

(Above) The Archies - "Sunshine" (from Archie's Funhouse)

Ron Dante YouTube Playlist (features music videos from The Archie Show as well as several of Ron performing live)