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Cast of Characters

Dramatis personŠ:

Tall, handsome, sexy, and talented, a shining star in the music world, Nicky Poole seems to have it all. Then a horrendous event permanently wrenches away his innocence, sending him into a tailspin and beginning a domino effect during which every element of his previously secure existence collapses like a house of cards. After he painstakingly claws his way out of the abyss, he finds that the entire world has changed. Can Nicky ever recover from the real-life nightmare and find himself again?

The son of a doctor who expects his youngest to follow him and his first two children into the medical profession, Phil Stefano defies his parents' wishes and sets out to become a rock and roll star with virtually no support from his disapproving family. His big break comes much sooner than he had expected or even hoped for, but success comes at a high price. Now Phil is closely guarding a shameful secret that, if revealed, could cause the collapse of his career and the loss of his reputation. Further, his obsessive love of a woman threatens his celebrity, his happiness, his livelihood, and, soon enough, his very life. Will Phil be able to survive the firestorm he's brought on himself?

Young, blond and beautiful, Jill Simmons is head over heels in love with her singing and songwriting partner and live-in boyfriend. Life is perfect, both personally and professionally, and the future has never looked brighter; gigs and money are rolling in, and marriage and family are on the horizon. But when her boyfriend's behavior starts altering dramatically and the horizon begins moving further and further in the distance, Jill makes a difficult decision that forever changes the course of her future and that of her lover. Will she ever be able to reconcile her love of music with her desire for love?

The product of a broken home and a cruelly indifferent father, Eddie Golden has grown up in poverty and misery. Success and money go to his head, and he suffers the inevitable consequences. Now he needs to pick himself up out of the rubbish heap and start virtually from scratch. Can he ever hope to re-build his professional reputation and find happiness in his personal life as he continues to wrestle with his inner demons?

Exquisitely beautiful, a golden-skinned Asian-American woman of uncertain parentage and an air of mystery, Jewel Becker has taken over as editor-in-chief of a gossip magazine and single-handedly converted it into a respectable, highly successful publication. Yet despite her hard work, she is vilified by many who envy her beauty and success and disapprove of her relative youth and her swinging lifestyle; and she has a wall around her that no one can penetrate. Will she be able to come to terms with her difficult past and allow love to come into her life?

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