Sal DiTroia
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Messages and Tributes

A special message board for friends of Sal DiTroia

If you are a friend, relative, acquaintance, or fan of Sal DiTroia and would like to share your thoughts, tributes, and memories with other friends and family members, below is the link to a special QuickTopic board set up for just that purpose.  This is a forum for those of us who knew Sal to come together, introduce ourselves to one another, and exchange remembrances, anecdotes, and comments.  It will double as a guestbook of sorts, for people who wish to post condolences (the link to the board will be provided to members of Sal's family).  Also, anyone who is planning his or her own tribute to Sal, please feel free to post details and/or links.
Registration on the board is not required unless you wish to subscribe to the forum and receive all posted messages in your email.  It isn't necessary to register in order to post or to read the messages on the forum.
Please keep in mind that this message board is visible on the World Wide Web, so please use discretion in posting personal information such as email addresses.  Posting telephone numbers is not recommended.
Including one or two links to personal sites and/or MySpace pages with your post is fine (and encouraged, as board visitors may wish to visit one another's sites and get to know each other in that way), but please avoid posting a list of links.  Remember, this board is, first and last, about Sal.
Also, needless to say, any inappropriate posts will be removed from the board.  (This is meant mainly for potential spammers who look for message forums or guestbooks in which to post links to dating, porn, or pharmaceutical sites.)
To access the message board, please click here: