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About The D.A.'s Forever

What happens when four greasers from the '50s reunite in the '80s?

That's the tagline for my novel THE D.A.'s FOREVER, and basically that's what the book is all about: Four men, who as teenagers were a tight group of friends called the D.A.'s, attend a special Fifties-themed reunion at their old high school thirty years after graduation. Over time, the old gang has drifted apart; only one of the guys still resides in their old hometown, and the last time all four of them had been together was ten years ago. Over the years, the men had  gone through many changes, as people do—in their perceptions and in their very lives. Marriages have taken place; children have been born; family members have left this world for the next. There have been the usual ups and downs of nearly five decades of life. The guys are growing older. All of them appear to be clinging to the past, even though (or, perhaps, especially because) they aren't in high school anymore. Can midlife crises be far behind?
Eddy Steinberg, the first character introduced in the book, is the youngest member of the D.A.'s, the nerd-turned-greaser who was more or less "adopted" into the existing group during the guys' junior year in high school. Frankie D'Antonio is the founding member and leader of the group, the alpha male, whom the other guys fear and respect. Although he claims to be a lover and not a fighter, it's difficult to tell from his attitude; he is quick to anger and appears to always have his dukes up, whether or not the situation warrants it. Denny O'Reilly, Frankie's best friend and the only divorced member of the quartet, has recently shed unhealthy (and unattractive) poundage and is now engaging in almost promiscuous behavior with the ladies, as if making up for lost time. Denny is concerned about the masculinity of his twenty-year-old son, Sean, who is his polar opposite in the sex-and-romance department. And Tony Franklin, Eddy's best friend, is a bit of an enigma; he's just as tough as the next guy but also has a tender, romantic side that the others seem to lack; his is the life arguably most impacted during that single month in 1988 when most of the book's action takes place. Written primarily from the points of view of Eddy and Frankie, THE D.A.'s FOREVER is a tale of four men who are being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the world where grown-ups live.
NOTE: The D.A.'s FOREVER contains explicit language and sexual situations and is intended for mature audiences only.

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