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All About Me

November 4
New Jersey
Marital status:
Favorite entertainer:
Ron Dante
Favorite songwriter:
Jeff Barry
Favorite movies:

A Hard Day's Night
Apollo 13
The Joy Luck Club
Favorite books:

Love Can Build a Bridge (
Naomi Judd)
Memoirs of a Geisha
Apollo 13
Everything by
Sylvia Browne
Everything by
John Edward
(see a trend here?)
The Joy Luck Club (Amy Tan)
The Kitchen God's Wife (Amy Tan)
The Hundred Secret Senses (Amy Tan)
The Bonesetter's Daughter (Amy Tan)
The Opposite of Fate (Amy Tan)
(see a trend here?)
Favorite color:
Favorite food:
Asian (especially sushi!)

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Laura and Ron Dante

(Above) Ron Dante and I backstage in Orlando, FL, 08/28/2000 -- our first meeting!

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