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Laura's Inspirational Pages

Welcome to Laura's Inspirational Pages!

If you come across any broken links on any of my pages, please contact me to let me know!  Thank you.
Note—Visitors to this site often contact me and ask about the authorship of various stories. Several of the stories on this site were copied and pasted from emails going around the Net (these emails were my inspiration to start Laura's Inspirational Pages!). Other pages on this site are original; that is, written by me personally. I've been trying to ascertain authorship of the non-original pieces (not as easy as it sounds, since quotes and stories are often attributed to multiple people in Web searches!) and will create a site map that breaks down the pages into Original and Non-Original. Each story not written by me has a disclaimer at the bottom of the page; another quick rule of thumb is that if a page has Facebook and Twitter share buttons, the content was written by me. Please see "About This Site" for a quick overview as to what it's all about. And thank you for visiting!

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Laura & Honey

This site is dedicated to the memory of my dogs, Honey (above, 06 Feb 1993 - 30 Aug 2003) and Missy (15? Jun 1993 - 13 May 2005).  I will miss them as long as I live.  I'm sure they are playing together at the Rainbow Bridge and will be waiting for me when I pass over to the other side!

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The Breast Cancer Site
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