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Group Guidelines

Here's where fans of 60's and 70's pop and bubblegum music can share info about our favorite songs and acts of the era including RON DANTE (of the Archies and Cufflinks), ANDY KIM, MARK LINDSAY, PETER NOONE, and any artist from the era who holds a special place in your hearts.

Below are some do's and don'ts. Fortunately, the DO's greatly outnumber the DON'Ts! The main objective of the club, of course, is to have fun. It is, after all, an entertainment-related club. So we're not going to bog people down with a lot of not-fun rules. However, in order to be fair to everyone who joins the group, here's an overview of what the group is all about, and what it ISN'T about.
(Let's get the DON'Ts over with.  Most are just common sense anyway.)

First of all, please don't use the Group's message board to post unrelated personal messages to one another. If you want to talk one-on-one with another member, use email.  Any messages posted to Oldies/Bubblegum are deemed to be of interest to most of the group members.  Drifting off-topic from time to time is fine (it's also inevitable), but please use common sense and don't post your entire life story. This is a fun place, and people may not appreciate reading about someone's marital problems, personal trials or pet's upcoming neutering!
Please refrain from habitually posting links to file-sharing sites such as Rapidshare.  Oldies and Bubblegum Music is a discussion board, not a venue for P2P music sharing.  Occasionally, a member might post a request for out-of-print music (i.e., music that is not commercially available on CD), in which case another member may convert the material from vinyl and post an upload link on the board as long as it's within the parameters of the group's focus.  However, whenever possible, please use the Files section of the group to post the individual tracks, since people with dialup Internet connections or slow computers cannot use sites like Rapidshare.  Please don't include the Oldies and Bubblegum Music group in a mass mailing of file-download links to other groups.
Please DO NOT post audio files of tracks that are commercially available.  Rule of thumb - if you see it on Amazon.com, don't post it.
As with all of my groups, attachments have been disabled on Oldies and Bubblegum Music, which means that any audio files, photos, etc. sent or posted to the group will be removed by Yahoo when the message is processed.  Please use the Files or Photos section as needed (keeping in mind the above criteria for music files).  This also applies to messages forwarded as attachments, or messages with embedded photos or html; removing attachments also disables html.  Therefore, please post using plain text rather than with colors and/or images. 


Any messages which are insulting or abusive to any individual or to the group at large will be deleted, and the offending poster will be blocked from any further posting on the board.

Now (you may ask), just WHAT is the Oldies and Bubblegum Music Group all about?

Ron Dante, 1970

Well, in a nutshell, it's for all of us to share memories and have a great time doing it! It's for us to catch up with our faves of the 60's and 70's and find out where they are and what they're doing these days. It's to share trivia and information about recordings, TV and concert appearances. It's to learn things we never knew about the career aspects of our faves, and to talk about the songs we grew up with.

Have you always wondered about a lyric in a song ("What's that word?" or, "What does he MEAN when he says ...?")? Have you found an obscure item on eBay and have a question or comment about it? Here's your forum! Find a good compilation CD? A good web site? A cool YouTube video?  Here's the place to share it.

Perhaps you're wondering whether your favorite act is planning on releasing any new material, or whether he/she/they will be appearing in your area. You've come to the right place!

Many fans visit artist-specific sites and message boards for information on their particular favorites. If you learn anything interesting from another message board (as long as it is career related and not gossip), please share what you've learned with the rest of us.

Now ... let's party!  Click here to go to the Oldies and Bubblegum Music Group!

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