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Post Your Oldies Site

Yahoo Group where you can post links to oldies sites you own and/or enjoy visiting.  Rules and links are below.  Sites must be suitable for all ages.
Even if you don't have a site to post, feel free to join the mailing list if you are looking for cool oldies-related sites to visit!

Post Your Oldies Site (Yahoo Group)
This group is for people to advertise their oldies-related groups, sites, and web rings. Sites posted must pertain to the entertainment and/or culture of the 50's, 60's, or 70's. Feel free to post about updates to your sites as well.
You may also post links to your favorite relevant sites (even if you're not the site owner) as long as the posting rules are adhered to.
The Post Your Oldies Site group is strictly for advertising purposes - it's not for discussions, or messages or news about oldies artists.  Such messages should instead be posted on the applicable groups (like Oldies and Bubblegum Music) that advertise here.  Post Your Oldies Site is expressly for publicizing oldies-related sites and groups, and to alert folks about updates (i.e., new photos or sections) to such sites.   Click on the link above to read the posting guidelines.  You can also join through the group homepage, or by clicking on the button below.  Yahoo ID is required to post (but not if you just join the mailing list).

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