Ron Dante and The Archies
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Ron Dante - Biography and Links


Birthday: August 22

Birthplace: Staten Island, NY

Real Name: Carmine John Granito

Career Highlights: Member of The Detergents (1964-1966); lead singer for The Archies (1968-1972), the Cufflinks (1969), and the Chan Clan (1972-1974).  Producer for Barry Manilow (1973-1981). 


Ron Dante Online - The Official Site.


Ron Dante's MySpace profile - Listen to audio clips, watch videos, view pix; MySpace members can post comments on Ron's page and send messages to Ron.  Includes concert itinerary section.


My site, Laura's Ron Dante Fan Pages, where you'll find a ton of info such as a full biographical writeup, photos, links, and the very latest news on Ron.  Also includes a message board where you can post on not only Ron and the Archies but any topic of general interest.


Check out the companion site to Ron's official mailing list!  This site has a merchandise page where you can order autographed photos, CD's and T-shirts.  Also includes concert itinerary.



NEW 04 November 2004 - Ron Dante Remembers the Sixties (written by me) on Spectropop.

Now and Then: A Ron Dante Dante Retrospective (written by yours truly as well), also on Spectropop

Read my writeup on the Classic Bubblegum Homepage.

Ron's bio on the IMDb, also penned by me (see a pattern here?)

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