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The Steed Singles

Andy Kim - A Friend in the City

The Steed Singles
Produced by Jeff Barry
Steed was an independent label owned and operated by Jeff Barry between 1967 and 1971.  Its activities were centered around New York's Century Sound Studios, the popular 52nd Street recording facility that was co-owned by Jeff. Other recording studios used for Steed sessions included The Hit Factory, RCA (now BMG) Studios, and Sound Labs in Hollywood. Jeff Barry acted as the unofficial head of Artists and Repertoire, and supervised a production staff that included his brother-in-law Dean Christopher, Ron Frangipane, Neil Goldberg, Ned Albright and brothers Mike and Steve Soles. Jeff's preferred engineers were Brooks Arthur, Mike Moran and Fred "Paco" Weinberg. Freddy DeMann, later to gain fame as an artist manager for Michael Jackson and others, was the Director of Promotion. Andy Kim was the label's most popular artist, followed by Robin McNamara and a rock band known as The Illusion. Originally distributed by Hollywood's Dot Records, Steed Records later became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dot's parent company, Paramount Pictures. Today, its album and single masters are controlled by Universal Music. For a listing of Steed albums, consult the Jeff Barry Album List.

Steed 701
And I Don't Want Your Love! (Alzo Fronte-Ali Noor Uddin) b/w My Babe (Alzo Fronte)
The Keepers Of The Light

Steed Records' debut single is a catchy fusion of Neil Diamond-style folk rock with Eastern music. The Keepers was a progressive rock ensemble led by singer/songwriters Alzo Fronte and Ali Noor Uddin.

Steed 702
I've Got To Find Me A Woman (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim) b/w Plastic Flowers (Jeff Barry-Marty Sanders)
The Rich Kids
Arranged by Dean Christopher

Danny Belline leads this five-man group, which previously recorded for RCA Victor. One of Jeff Barry and Andy Kim's finest pop tunes, "Woman" was covered by a Detroit band called The Neal Ford Factory. Arranger Dean Christopher produced that single and others for ABC Records and its subsidiary labels, sometimes working under the aegis of Jeff Barry Enterprises.

Steed 703
One Time For Love (Jeff Barry) b/w Baby, Baby (Jeff Barry)
Louis St. Louis and Jacqueline Carol

Singer, songwriter and pianist Louis St. Louis would go on to produce the million-selling soundtracks for the megahit Grease and its follow-up, Grease II, as well as write the arrangements for Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller's Tony-winning musical revue "Smokey Joe's Cafe."

Steed 704
Saturday Noontime (Neil Goldberg-Susan Keane) b/w Headed For The Highway (Hank Shifter)
Hank Shifter
Arranged by Dean Christopher

A superb progressive rock debut for this singer/songwriter and session guitarist.

Steed 705
Sitting In The Park (Alzo Fronte-Ali Noor Uddin) b/w So Down (Alzo Fronte)
Alzo and Uddin

As previously stated, this duo was originally part of the group Keepers Of The Light. After leaving Steed, they would record as a duo for other labels until Alzo emerged as a successful solo artist in 1972.

Steed 706
You Made Me A Man (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim) b/w I Tried To Tell You (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim)
The Rich Kids
Arranged by Dean Christopher

People who associated Jeff Barry and Andy Kim with The Archies "Sugar, Sugar" would doubtless have been surprised to know that they were capable of penning a fearsome garage rocker like this.

Steed 707
How'd We Ever Get This Way? (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim) b/w Are You Ever Coming Home? (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim)
Andy Kim
Arranged by Dean Christopher

This infectious, Caribbean-flavored pop nugget introduced the multitalented Andy Kim to pop radio. It was also Steed Records' first hit single.

Steed 708
Mary On The Beach (Jeff Barry) b/w Two Of A Kind (Jeff Barry-Hank Shifter)
Hank Shifter
Arranged by Dean Christopher

This is one of Jeff Barry's all-time favorite productions. Listen for Ellie Greenwich on background vocals.

Steed 709
release cancelled

Steed 710
Shoot 'Em Up, Baby (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim) b/w Ordinary Kind Of Girl (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim)
Andy Kim
Arranged by Dean Christopher

This second hit single for Andy Kim was nearly banned from radio because some programmers mistakenly thought the title and lyrics were an endorsement of drug use.

Steed 711
Rainbow Ride (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim) b/w Resurrection (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim)
Andy Kim
Arranged by Ron Frangipane
Conducted by Dean Christopher

"Rainbow Ride" is easily the hardest-rocking of Andy Kim's Steed singles.

Steed 712
Did You See Her Eyes? (Jeff Barry) b/w Falling In Love (Chuck Adler-Rich Cerniglia-Mike Maniscalco)
The Illusion

The Illusion were a Long Island bar band featuring lead singer John Vinci. They came to Jeff Barry's attention after having been turned away by Ellie Greenwich's Pineywood Productions. Copies of this single are extremely rare. Unsatisfied with the edit, Jeff Barry withdrew it from sale.

Steed 713
I Can Love You (Jeff Barry) b/w Lila (Jeff Barry)
Robin McNamara
Arranged by Dean Christopher

This, and not "Lay A Little Lovin' On Me" was the debut single for Robin McNamara, one of the stars of the Broadway musical Hair. The topside was written for and performed in the 1970 Paramount film Hello Down There (but not by Robin). The flipside is a killer of a rock song that was also recorded by The Illusion.

Steed 714
Just We Two (Joe DiBenedetto-Steve Tudanger) b/w C'mon And Ride (Joe DiBenedetto-Steve Tudanger)
The Playhouse
Arranged by Ron Frangipane

An impressive debut for this group, which evolved from the remnants of a doo-wop group named the Four-Evers. Joe DiBenedetto sings lead.

Steed 715
Tricia, Tell Your Daddy (Jeff Barry-Marty Sanders) b/w Foundation Of My Soul (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim)
Andy Kim
Arranged by Ron Frangipane

This is probably the original demo version of a song that was later recorded by Jay and The Americans. The flipside holds forth with a classic Barry-Kim melody that would've been perfect for The Archies.

Steed 716
Baby, I Love You (Jeff Barry-Ellie Greenwich-Phil Spector) b/w Gee, Girl (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim)
Andy Kim

Steed's biggest hit single and the definitive version of the Barry-Greenwich-Spector classic originally cut by The Ronettes in 1963. The soprano vocal is sung by Jeannie Thomas Fox. All percussion instruments are performed by Jeff Barry.

Steed 717
Run, Run, Run (Mike Maniscalco) b/w I Love You, Yes I Do (Jeff Barry-Rich Cerniglia)
The Illusion

A very exciting number that anticipates the arena rock sound of '70s groups like Journey.

Steed 718
Did You See Her Eyes? (Jeff Barry) b/w Falling In Love (Chuck Adler-Rich Cerniglia-Mike Maniscalco)
The Illusion

This re-edited version of The Illusion's first single became the group's first and biggest hit. Jeff Barry plays percussion on this recording.

Steed 719
You Don't Know It (Joe DiBenedetto-Steve Tudanger) b/w Love Is On Our Side (Joe DiBenedetto-Steve Tudanger)
The Playhouse
Arranged by Dean Christopher

A very strong double A-side featuring excellent harmonies and fiery flamenco flavorings. Radio programmers probably didn't know which side to play!

Steed 720
So Good Together (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim) b/w I Got To Know (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim)
Andy Kim

The single edit of "So Good Together" differs from the slightly longer version found on Andy Kim's "Baby, I Love You" album.

Steed 721
How Does It Feel? (Jeff Barry-Rich Cerniglia-Mike Maniscalco) b/w Once In A Lifetime (Jeff Barry)
The Illusion

The flipside of this single features one of Jeff Barry's finest blues ballads.

Steed 722
Together (Chuck Adler-Rich Cerniglia-Mike Maniscalco) b/w Don't Push It! (Jeff Barry-The Illusion)
The Illusion

Jeff Barry brought in a children's chorus to sing with The Illusion on this hit, the title track from the group's second Steed album.

Steed 723
A Friend In The City (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim) b/w You (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim)
Andy Kim
Arranged by Charlie Calello

Although the topside is a beautiful ballad, the jingle-jangle flipside of this single is the real keeper and would probably have made for a bigger hit.

Steed 724
Lay A Little Lovin' On Me (Jeff Barry-Jim Cretecos-Robin McNamara) b/w I'll Tell You Tomorrow (Jeff Barry-Robin McNamara)
Robin McNamara

Jim Cretecos and Robin McNamara brought Jeff Barry the unfinished idea for this provocative song, which was recorded at a rockin' session at RCA's New York Studios. Ellie Greenwich and (possibly) La La Brooks of The Crystals join in on background vocals and handclappings.

Steed 725
release cancelled

Steed 726
Let's Make Each Other Happy (Chuck Adler-Rich Cerniglia) b/w Beside You (Jeff Barry-The Illusion)
The Illusion

Kick-ass rock 'n' roll from the Illusion's third Steed album.

Steed 727
It's Your Life (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim) b/w To Be Continued (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim)
Andy Kim

Andy Kim's funkiest release on Steed. The flipside is a very appealing Mexican-flavored ballad featuring duet vocals by Ellie Greenwich.

Steed 728
Got To Believe In Love (Neil Goldberg) b/w Aren't You Thinking Of Me? (Jim Cretecos-Robin McNamara)
Robin McNamara

Written by Neil Goldberg, the most prolific of Jeff Barry's staff songwriters.

Steed 729
Be My Baby (Jeff Barry-Ellie Greenwich-Phil Spector) b/w Love That Little Woman (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim)
Andy Kim

This second Andy Kim revival of a Ronettes original possibly features Donna Marie of The Archies on background vocals.

Steed 730
Hang In There, Baby (Jeff Barry-Robin McNamara) b/w Together, Forever (Ned Albright-Mike & Steve Soles)
Robin McNamara

As on its predecessor "Got To Believe In Love," the background chorus features members of the Broadway cast of Hair.

Steed 731
I Wish I Were (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim) b/w Walkin' My Lah-Dee-Dah (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim)
Andy Kim

A Top Forty Adult-Contemporary single for Andy Kim.

Steed 732
Wait A Minute! (Jeff Barry-The Illusion) b/w Collection (The Illusion)
The Illusion

John Vinci tears it up on a tour-de-force rock production that should have been hailed as a classic. Definitely Jeff Barry's crowing achievement with The Illusion.

Steed 733
release cancelled

Steed 734
I Been Moved (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim) b/w If I Had You Here (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim)
Andy Kim
Arranged by Lee Holdridge

Recorded in California and rumored to feature Ronnie Spector on background vocals. Ronnie reportedly does not recall singing on this record.

Steed 735
Rise And Shine (Neil Goldberg-Robin McNamara) b/w Lost In Boston (Robin McNamara)
Robin McNamara

This is Robin McNamara's favorite of his Steed singles.

Steed 736
Mary, Janey and Me (Jeff Barry-Neil Golberg-Robin McNamara) b/w Beer Drinkin' Man (Robin McNamara)
Robin McNamara

The final Steed single is a suggestive number based on a real-life menage a trois that Robin McNamara was involved in. It would definitely have been controversial had it broke for a hit. Toni Wine (formerly of The Archies) guests on duet vocals.

Robin McNamara - Hang In There Baby

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