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Ron Dante

Ron Dante on the Internet ... articles, interviews, pix and more!
There are a whole BUNCH of web sites that feature articles and info on Ron.  Hopefully this page will keep growing and going!  Click on the pix next to the site descriptions.

First, a little shameless self-promotion (sort of) ... click on the pic above to read the special Ron Dante bio I wrote exclusively for the Classic Bubblegum Home Page!

Months after penning the bio on Bubblegum, I wrote one for Spectropop as well.   Check it out!

Ron Dante Remembers the Sixties
A second article I wrote, covering Ron's 60's work, is now on the Spectropop site - click on the pic to read it.

Excellent interview with Ron at Pop Entertainment ... just click on da pic!

November 2004 interview with Ron on the All But Forgotten Oldies site - check it out!

Cool article on bubblegum music originally published in Goldmine in 1997, now online at the aforementioned Classic Bubblegum Music page.

Ron made an appearance in Jerry Osborne's syndicated column "Mr. Music" in 2002.  Click on Ron's pic to check out the question and answer!

Take a look at these BEAUTIFUL pix of Ron Dante in concert at various venues, courtesy of!

Pix of Ron at the Bubblegum Ball, held in L.A. in March 2002 -- click on the pic to check them out.

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Visit Ron's official site, Ron Dante Online
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