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Ron Dante Credits Page

Below is a partial list of Ron's work, from singer and performer to composer and producer ... from recordings to TV and radio jingles, from the Brill Building to Broadway.  Listing everything Ron's done would be a difficult task, given his body of work, so these are just the highlights.  For more reading, check out Ron's official site, Ron Dante Online, as well as Ron Dante In His Own Words and Ron Dante Remembers the Sixties, on this site.

Producer for:
Barry Manilow, Cher, John Denver, Irene Cara, Pat Benatar, Danielle VanZyl, George Romano, Elliott Randall
*Ron produced all of Barry Manilow's recordings from 1973 to 1981
Other Album Productions:
On the Eighth Day (the Eighth Day, 1967); This is Love (The Archies, 1971); Lost in the Wilderness (Brigati [David & Eddie Brigati, Edwin Kobylarz], 1976);  So Close (Helen Schneider, 1977); Shut Out (Paul Jabara, 1977); Double Take (Mark and Clark, 1977); Bert Sommer (Bert Sommer, 1977); Somewhere in My Lifetime (Phyllis Hyman, 1979); Dante's Inferno (with Dante's Inferno, 1979); Alien Sons of the Universe (1979); Street Angel (self, 1981); Serial Mom (soundtrack, 1994); Rock & Roll Legends Live series (various artists, 1999); Favorites (self, 1999); School's Out Christmas (various artists, 2003); Rockin' Christmas Party (with various artists, 2004); Saturday Night Blast (self, 2004)

Background vocals for:
Barry Manilow; Neil Sedaka; Tommy James; Dionne Warwick; Bobby Vee; Jay & The Americans; Mark Lindsay; Tommy Roe; Chris Montez; Lou Christie
*This is a partial list ... as a general rule, in addition to session work, Ron also sang backgrounds on most of the recordings he produced (see production credits above)
Broadway credits:
The Freaking Out of Stephanie Blake (performer), 1967
Billy (composer), 1969
The Mighty Gents (producer), 1978
Ain't Misbehavin' (producer), 1978 (Tony Award winner, Best Musical)
Whose Life is it Anyway? (producer), 1979
Children of a Lesser God (producer), 1980 (Tony Award winner, Best Play)
Einstein and the Polar Bear (producer) 1981
Duet for One (producer), 1981
Little Me (producer), 1982
*Above info from the Internet Broadway Datebase (IBDB)

Movie Credits:
The Ballad of Josie (singer/composer), as Ronnie Dante, 1967
The Wiz (uncredited voice, The Wiz Singers Adult Choir), 1978
Tribute (recording creator, "We Still Have Time"), 1980
Arthur (vocal soloist), 1981
Walking Across Egypt (music supervisor), 1999
Television Credits:
$weepstake$ (singer, "Without a Dream"), 1979
Disney's The Little Mermaid (music producer), 1992
Full Frontal Comedy (composer), 1994
*Movie and TV info from the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
TV appearances:
60's and 70's: The Clay Cole Show (New York City), 1964
Hullabaloo (with The Detergents), 1965
Shindig (with The Detergents), 1965; Where the Action Is (with The Detergents), 1965
American Bandstand (with The Detergents), 1970
The Early Show (John Anthony, host/Milwaukee), 1970
The Larry Kane Show, 1971
The Midnight Special, 1975
*Some of this info compiled from TV Tome
90's and 2000's: Appearances on VH1's My Generation (Peter Noone, host) and Bubblegum Babylon; performed on Chapel of Love: Jeff Barry and Friends (PBS special, 2000; available on home video); also appeared on a Dr. Phil segment, "Pushy Parents" (as consultant), 2005

TV and Radio Jingles:
60s and 70s:
Johnson's Baby Oil
Devil Shake
General Tire ("Sooner or later you'll own Generals")
Budweiser ("When you say Bud")
Carling Black Label Beer ("TV Beer")
Dentyne gum ("Get that just-brushed freshness with Dentyne")
Bright Side Shampoo ("Go organic with Bright Side shampoo")
American Airlines ("Doing what we do best")
Tang ("Tang Bang [Do the moonwalk like the astronauts]," writer, producer & singer)
Pan Am (Clio award winner, 1970)
Coca-Cola ("I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke")
Pepsi ("You've got a lot to live")
Dr. Pepper ("I'm a Pepper;" "Dr. Pepper, so misunderstood")
Kentucky Fried Chicken
McDonald's ("You deserve a break today")
Life Savers (Clio Award winner, 1978)
90s and 2000s:
Publishers Clearing House; "Sugar, Sugar" (2003)
"Happy Together" (2004) for Applebees Restaurant chain; Yoplait Yogurt's "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" (2010)
Other Names (credited as) and Studio Groups:
Ronnie Dante
Franklin & Benjamin
The Two Dollar Question
Noah's Ark
The California Gold Rush
Pearly Gate
The Definitive Rock Chorale (with others)
Bo Cooper
C. G. Rose
Ronnie & the Dirtriders

Single discography (partial):
(Plug sides only) "Don't Stand Up in a Canoe" (as Ronnie Dante), 1964; "Leader of the Laundromat" (with The Detergents), 1964; "Double O-Seven" (with The Detergents/lead vocals), 1965; "Hold Back the Sun" (as Noah's Ark), 1966; "I Can Never Eat Home Anymore" (with The Detergents), 1966; "221 East Maple" (as Ronnie Dante), 1966; "The Absence of Lisa" (as Ronnie Dante), 1967; "He's Raining in My Sunshine" (as Ronnie Dante), 1968; "Bang Shang a-Lang" (as The Archies), 1968; "Feelin' So Good" (as The Archies), 1969; "Free" (as Pearly Gate), 1969; "Sugar, Sugar" (as The Archies), 1969 (RIAA gold record & Record of the Year); "Tracy" (as The Cuff Links), 1969; "Jingle Jangle" (as The Archies), 1969 (RIAA gold record, 1970); "When Julie Comes Around" (as The Cuff Links), 1970; "Who's Your Baby" (as The Archies), 1970; "Sunshine" (as The Archies), 1970; "Let Me Bring You Up," 1970; "Together We Two" (as The Archies), 1970; "This is Love" (as The Archies), 1971; "That's What Life is All About," 1971; "Midnight Show," 1974; "Sugar, Sugar" (dance version), 1975; "Yellow Van" (with Ronnie & The Dirtriders), 1976
Album discography:
The Many Faces of the Detergents (1965) (with The Detergents) / The Archies (1968) (as The Archies) / Everything's Archie (1969) (as The Archies) /
Tracy (1969) (as The Cuff Links) / Jingle Jangle (1969) (as The Archies) / Sunshine (1970) (as The Archies) / The Archies' Greatest Hits (1970) (as The Archies) / Ron Dante Brings You Up (1970) / This is Love (1971) (as The Archies) / Spiderman: A Rockomic (1972) (as The Webspinners) / The Joe Brooks Group (1978) (appears on) / Dante's Inferno (1979) / Street Angel (1981) / Rock & Roll Legends Live, Volume 1: Mark Lindsay and Friends (1999) (appears on)Legends Live, Volume 2: Lou Christie and Friends (1999) (appears on) / Favorites (1999) / Saturday Night Blast (2004) / Rockin' Christmas Party, Vol. 1 (2004) (various artists)

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