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The Cannery Casino

Ron Dante at the Cannery Casino 05/28/2005

On May 28, 2005, Ron Dante appeared at the Cannery Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada as part of the Kool 93.1 summer kick-off concert.  Below and on the next three pages are photos from this cool event!  Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of each page for the link to the next one.
Current page - With family and friends the night before the concert (cousin Sandy, mom Gloria, Wendy Kay from Mars Talent, and yours truly, Laura!)
Page Two - With the kool folks from Kool 93.1
Page Three - On Stage!
Page Four - More stage shots from Rockin' Rik McNeil, Kool 93.1

Sandy, Gloria, Wendy and Ron

Wendy, Ron, Laura

Wendy, Ron

Ron and Laura


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