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Lyrics Sites

Check out the links below!

International Lyrics Playground

Over 33,000 lyrics archived!


Neil Sedaka Lyrics Archive - Lyrics to songs penned by the multitalented Juilliard-trained Neil Sedaka!


A - Z Lyrics Universe - Alphabetized archive of more than 42,000 lyrics


Lyrics World - An extensive site listing song lyrics by title and by artist.

Classic Hits - Lyrics for 60's and 70's songs, alphabetically by year.

The Gift of Song - The Neil Diamond Lyrics Site - Lyrics to more than 400 songs composed and/or performed by Neil.


Marco's Beatles Page - Lyrics to your favorite Beatles songs, by album; more than 200 tunes.
Christmas Rock - Lyrics to holiday tunes recorded by pop artists from the 1940's onward; online all year round!