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The Pop Sounds of the 60's and 70's

The mellow sounds we all fell in love with ... and to!

Remember "Young Girl," "This Girl is a Woman Now," and "Woman Woman?"  See a trend here?  Click here to catch up with Gary Puckett!

Happy Together with The Turtles!  Say hi to Flo and Eddie and the rest of the gang!

Now for some California Dreamin' with The Mamas and The Papas!  That link goes to their Wikipedia page, which is filled with info and links to other sites.

If you liked the cool sounds of Spanky and Our Gang, click on the link to visit their MySpace page.

Lightning Lou ... Christie, that is!  Check out his official site!

Up, Up and Away with The Fifth Dimension!  Check out the official site for Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.

They'd only just begun -- The Carpenters Online, a cool tribute site to Karen and Richard.

Feel like goin' to Scarborough Fair?  Here's the official web page for Simon and Garfunkel ... and check out their MySpace page as well.

Next, stop by Paul Simon's official page.

Afterward, you can mosey on over to Art Garfunkel's site to visit Mr. and Mrs. G's little boy!






This page is continued (sort of) on the next one, "Teen Idols,"  where you can catch up with David, Bobby, Donny and the rest of those adorable guys who graced the covers of 16 Magazine and Tiger Beat!