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Back to the Beach

(The surfin' sounds of the 60's!)

Remember singing along with The Beach Boys as you cruised the boulevard with the top down and the breeze blowing through your hair?  Or slow-dancing with your steady girl?  Remember the beach flicks of the sixties, and Frankie and Annette and "not without a ring, you don't!"?  Check out some cool and groovy links that'll bring it all back!
Surf's Up!
Check out the official Beach Boys site! 
Catch up with Brian Wilson!

Remember Berry and Torrence?  No?  Then how about ... um, what were they known as again?  Oh, yeah ... Jan and Dean!

A great loss for the world of music
Jan Berry: 03 Apr 1941 - 26 Mar 2004

Take a peek at surf guitarist Dick Dale's official site

Check out The Chantays' website - and watch out for that "Pipeline!"

Wipe Out with The Surfaris ... the Wikipedia page features a history of the group and its most famous song, and includes links to no fewer than three current incarnations of the group.

Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon

Remember all those cool Beach Party movies of the 60s featuring the likes of Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello?  Check out Wikipedia for a generous glimpse into the genre.  The page includes dozens of links and resources.