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Fifties and Early Sixties

The Fifties and Early Sixties

Oldies Music Links

And here's the MAN who started it all -- Bill Haley!  Click here to catch up with the Comets!
Why's it called rock and roll?  Because of this guy!  Meet the man who put the name to the kid's own special brand of music -- Alan Freed! (And just think, the label's stuck all these years!)
Alan Freed referred to the hot new sound as "rock and roll" when he was a deejay in Cleveland.  That's why Cleveland is now home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
Meet the hitmakers before the Brill Building heyday ... Sam Phillips and Sun Records!  (They were the first major label to record a guy named Elvis...)
And, speaking of Elvis ... !!!
Don't forget to stop by the official Roy Orbison site too!  (WHAT a voice!)
He does it his way - Mr. Paul Anka.
Hard to believe it, but Chuck Berry is still going strong in his 80s!!!  One of the few and true living legends, Chuck continues to make live appearances, amazing audiences everywhere with his boundless energy!
The Killer himself, Jerry Lee Lewis!
Run to him - Mr. Bobby Vee!
Fifties Teen Idol Magazine ... supercool site on the idols of the Fifties!

Oldies Music Links

As the Fifties gave way to the Sixties, a second wave of rock artists hit the airwaves.   Suddenly, the sound that had begun in the Deep South was spreading to New York and LA and everywhere in between!
Like in, for example, Philadelphia...

Golden Boys of Bandstand

From bobby sox to stockings, and from "Venus" to "Beauty School Dropout" - Mr. Frankie Avalon!

Say hello to Bobby!

Let's twist again with Chubby!

What else can I say? ... Fabian, Fabian, FABIAN!!!

Special Frankie and Annette section on the Pop 60's page!

And Nashville...
Remember Phil and Don?  Who can forget those BEAUTIFUL harmonies?  Catch up with the Everly Brothers at their official site!
Next, visit their official fan club!
Little Miss Dynamite herself ... Brenda Lee!
And New York...
Catch up with Connie!
Read all about Bobby (Darin, that is!)
Tell Laura I Love Her ... Mr. Ray Peterson!
Remember Navy Blue?  Take a look at Diane Renay's site.
And here's the guy who wrote it ... Eddie Rambeau!