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Some entertaining places to visit!

(Note -- except where indicated, none of the sites below are affiliated with or maintained by me.)

This is True

Suddenly Senior - Humor and wisdom by Frank Kaiser.  Includes useful links for those among us facing seniordom before our time!
Mama Rocks - This one is chock full of music and inspiration as well as humor.
The Jokester - Extensive archive of jokes plus a link to join mailing list on Yahoo Groups.
Ogden Nash Online (Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker...)
Burma-Shave - The old roadside signs, sorted by year. - Jokes, funny billboards, more!
Bozo Criminal of the Day - Can you say "stupid?"
Things You Can Buy
(or at least have fun browsing...)
Rude Shirts - Not for the faint of heart!
Despair, Inc. - Some demotivational material for the workplace

Feel Good Pages

The Humor Source

Hot Bars

Laura's Ron Dante Fan Pages

When you have time, please check out Laura's Ron Dante Fan Pages. Best known as the lead voice for The Archies ("Sugar, Sugar") and The Cuff Links ("Tracy"), Ron's an all-around nice guy who loves dogs as much as I do and is so good with them. All Ron has to do is crook his finger and the dogs obey his every command!

Humor Matters

The Loonie Bin of Jokes

Mad Blast

Ron Dante Online

... or maybe not. Anyway, click on the pic of Ron on the left to get to Laura's Ron Dante Fan Pages, and the pic on the right to get to his fantastic site, Ron Dante Online!

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